Windows install problems

recently my hard drive failed. I did not have the money to do a proper back up and I am ok with the data loss and a clean install.

However after buying a new hard drive, plugging it in properly and restarting the computer with the windows 7 premium disk in my cd drive it is not loading.

Bios starts up fine.
the first time I got to the windows screen where it was copying files, after a few minutes it stopped working gave me an error saying that some of the files might be corrupt. (this is a real windows disc and not a copied one)

I restarted the computer again to retry and now I get an error that it can not find the BOOTMGR and to press ctrl+alt+dlt to restart. Doing so does nothing but give me the same error again and again.

I've looked online for solutions and there are lots of reasons to get this message. Bad CD drive, bad hard drive, loose wires, bad disc, etc etc. besides the wires I have no way of checking any of those other things to see if those are the problem. I only have the computer and money and resources are a little limited to me.

am I missing something? please help
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  1. If you´re able to get into the bios at the starts up, set the boot priority to the CD Drive.
  2. thanks i will try that
  3. A Windows install having file copy issues/corrupted files during the install is usually a sign of bad RAM. You should run a RAM test, or else you could be in for a frustrating time of pulling your hair out wondering why it isn't working.
  4. i can not get it to enter the bios at startup. i press f12 as fast as i can but it is like it's not accepting the keyboard? tried plugging into different usb ports as crtl / alt / dlt doesnt seem to restart it once i get that error.
  5. how do i run a ram test? before the hard drive failure the computer did not indicate that there was a ram problem at all, only a hard drive issue. i came home to find that all my icons were gone from my screen and only my wallpaper was there. no start button, clock etc just a blank wallpaper screen. i had assumed that the hard drive had failed, so i removed it and plugged in a new black HDD then tried to install windows from the disc and that is when all these problems started.
  6. If the computer you are posting from now has a CD burner, download the "ultimate boot CD" and burn it to disc. Then boot the PC that has problems with the disc in the drive, and choose a RAM test. Memtest86 or Windows Memory Diagnostic, those are the two I would recommend.

    And the problem you describe with the missing icons, clock, etc. sounds like a virus rather than a failed hard drive.
  7. ok will it boot even though there is nothing installed?
    i use latest kapersky so virus is possible i suppose but this is a new fresh drive.
  8. i copied the ultimate boot cd
    loaded it but still get the msg can't find the BOOTMGR
    so the disk hasnt changed anything and still could not test ram
  9. If its giving you the bootmgr error its trying to boot from the hdd still. You'll need to find out how to get into the bios and change it. F2 and delete key are also possible keys to press. Might want to try a different keyboard?

    It's possible the original windows cd got damaged. Borrow disk from a friend, just use your key.
  10. thanks ill play with it in the morning and try to figure it out
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