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my 9800gt took a dive and zotac is giving me a run around with my rma. I see a ati hd 5570 card on sale for 75.00. what is the equal to my card which is the 9800gt amp with 512 ddr3 mem pci-e.and whats the next step up please. need a card by friday
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  1. what abot the 5750 for 159.00 \at bestbuy
  2. The 5750 would beat your old card by a bit, but buy it at newegg instead, you can get it for a lot closer to $100
  3. Similarly, if you watch Newegg closely, you can often find 5770s at $130.
    But for your 5750, I would agree with PsychoSaysDie that it's way too much.
    Newegg has really good shipping--often 3 days max, 2days CA. -->Here's a MSI 5750 at $130 with $20 rebate.
    Or a $125 with $20 rebate Powercolor card if you want single slot 512mb.
  4. cool thanks guys
  5. i just dont know why my card went like that, had the computer off, came home from work turned it on and had red lines then the blue screen of death. hope its the video card and not the pci-e slot or motheboard
  6. travismontana said:
    what abot the 5750 for 159.00 \at bestbuy

    If you have $160 to spend order this;
    It's approximately 50% more powerful than the 9800GT and uses almost exactly the same amount of power under load and much less at idle. It will also give you DX11 compatibility and the latest A/V features.
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