Did I make the right choice?

So I got my new dell desktop xps 7100 with 1055t processor and 5870 GPU. I constantly kept getting the GSOD (and my screen going black and white) and just couldn't find a solution top it even after numerous calls to dell tech support.

So basically they're offering to let me return it and in place I can get the dell xps 9000, but instead with a i7-920 processor and 5870 graphics card.

However, I've noticed that lately I haven't been having problems with my desktop or getting the GSOD. Rarely my screen will flicker or go black and white, but maybe once every 5-10 hours.

I was going to cancel my new order but decided that if my comp is new and having these problems, then my best bet would be to return it for a full refund instead of perhaps going through more headache.

I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I didn't know where to put it, and since my problem was with my video card (atleast that's what I think so far...) I decided to put it in graphics and displays.
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  1. Did you update the graphics drivers on it? It probably shipped with an older version of the drivers that didnt have the fix for GSODs and didnt have the boosted 2D clocks to fix screen flickering on some systems.

    How much did you end up spending on it? If you send it back and can get a full refund i bet you we can get you a better system for less, dell is nortorious for overcharging on higher end parts like i7s and 5870s.
  2. The XPS 7100 is a remarkably good value
    I would go download the latest drivers first, they have a ton of fixes.
  3. If you tried all the fixes, software. Then have one of their techs come out and right your rig or get a new one/refund. A glitch every 5/10 hours is not good. A stable computer can be up for days or even weeks.
  4. Would they be giving you the XPS 9000 for the same price?
  5. I downloaded all of the latest drivers, uninstalled in safemode and reinstalled, done hardware and diagonostic tests and tried an OS reinstall and it still hasn't fixed it. Yeah I'll be getting the xps 9000 for the same price.
  6. I'll go with the XPS 9000 then, the Core i7 is generally faster (though if you do heavily threaded work a lot then the Phenom II X6 would be better).
  7. Yeah, I'd say go for the i7 system.
  8. So it was a good decision? I really don't care about the different processor, just that I won't have any problems with it once I get it.
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