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Hello, I've got a serious problem and i don't know how to fix it. The problem is my cpu overheating all the time. Im running on AMD Athlon 64 X2 (dual core) 5200+ processor @ 2.7GHz, no overclocking no nothing. This started about 2 weeks ago. It's idle temperature is 45-50C, now, idk what it was before. When i try playing some serious games at some point when it overheats the pc just turns off, then i wait like 5 seconds and then push del button to see the temp in bios, It's 80-70C so im guessing the cpu overheated. But there is one thing. I dont have a thermal grease on. Im using this cpu cooler which always goes with about 2150RPM.

I have also tried putting this cooler on @ 2500RPM but it still failed. My friend has it on AMD Phenom X4@2.4GHz also without thermal paste. But he has never had problems with the heat and the idle temp is about 30-38.

I have a good ventilation in my room, the pc case is always open. The coolers are clean, no dust.

Could it be a virus or something? Ive searched my WINDOWS folder from viruses with AVG 8.5 and it was empty.

Now the cpu temp is 59C, also the video card is 59C but i dont think that it could be the problem cuz it has a heatsink cooler. Maybe its not cpu but my PSU who's dieing?
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  1. Thermal paste is a must! It provides contact between the CPU and cooler! Without it the CPU is going to die!
  2. I have now applied this paste. Now idle temp is 55C which doesn't seem normal enough. Could the damage already be done?
    -The cpu still runs properly, its just hot.
  3. what cpu temp monitor are you using?
  4. sometimes bios, but mostly speedfan.
  5. anyone?
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