ATI 5770 Vs Nvidia GTX 260

Hi there, thanks for taking the time out to read this thread.

As the title says this thread is about 2 GPUs that I am looking at getting, they are both around the £130 mark, so which is better?

I hear that the 5770 has DX11 support (is that a big plus?) and also uses about half less power but has driver issues, and some CCC issues (no idea what that means)

The GTX 260, from what I hear is a much faster card, so I am really stuck on what to do, what would you do? Which would you buy?

Thank you


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  1. The GTX 260 is not much faster or faster at all really and the driver issues for the HD5770 are overstated and mostly a thing of the past. Here is a recent chart of the performance of most current video cards at 1920x1200;
    As you can see the performance of the two is exactly the same at this point.
  2. I would get the 5770, much less heat, power consumption, and DX11 support, the driver issues are mostly fixed, so unless there's a huge difference in price the 5770 is much better.
  3. HD5770
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