Switch boot drive?

if you built a pc and put the OS on a hard drive or ssd, would it be possible, down the road, to get a better ssd and transfer the OS without losing everything?
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  1. Windows7 makes a drive image when you backup, so at least on that os, yes you can, not sure about vista or xp though sorry
  2. im trying to decide whether i want to add an ssd to my upcoming build, or save $$ and buy a larger one later. for hdd im thinking spinpoint f3. and id be running win7
  3. Depending on how picky you want to get on the current build,
    I'd say make a shiny build now and put money into the Mobo,chip and gfx that are going to be upgrade-friendly for a while, then add ssd later, but you dont have to take my opinion hehe :)
  4. my build:
    cm 690 II advanced
    corsair hx850
    i7 950
    XFX HD-587X-ZNDC Radeon HD 5870 (Cypress XT) XXX Edition
    mushkin redline 6GB 1600 RAM
    spinpoint f3 1TB
    lite on x24 dvd writer
    asus PCE-N13 wireless adapter

    windows 7 professional

    the ssd im looking at now:

    do i add this now, or can i get a larger one in the future and move the OS from the f3?
  5. Don't get that SSD now. I'd suggest waiting until you can afford a larger & better SSD.
  6. ok, so i could move the OS when I got the new drive?
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    hehe I went for a smoke and Cold beat me to a response :)
    this link might help you a bit, you would just install windows using the recovery disk you create,
  8. And I wont lose all my files, right?
  9. Nope, thats the whole idea of a backup, the only drive you cannot backup is the one you are backing up to, no problem though as you just create the backup on a external or spare drive, then creat your bootable cd and keep it safe :)
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  11. thanks! think ill spend some of the cash on an aftermarket cooler...
  12. Thank you for B.a. man,
    Cooler is a good plan if your going to be clocking,
    shout up if you get any problems with the build and we'll do what we can :)
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