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Need compatibility help (noob)

Hello tom's hardware users. I have been getting answers for all my computer questions by looking around your forums, but i'm still stuck on a certain spot. This is my first time building my own computer and i need to know what SSD's would be compatible with this motherboard:

I am looking to getting into some gaming on PC for the first time, and was told SSD's run everything much faster than HDD's, and I should get the SSD for gaming stuff and then keep all the programs and such on the HDD. Also, what does an SSD plug into, a PCI slot?

Thanks for the help guys,
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    Pretty much all ssd's are compatable with all motherboards , there are no issues unless you are trying to get a SSD that has specific uses.
    A SSD is not going to make much difference in gaming other than that the maps will load faster but the gameplay will not be affected. Your internet service and the video card will have more of an impact on a game.
    The SSD drive will plug into the sata port just like a hard drive does.

    A jetway motherboard ? I think you need to head on over to the systems section of the forums and get some help with building your computer. Especially after asking where you plug the SSD into and saying that your getting a Jetway motherboard. I hope you don't think that the name of the motherboard means it's fast.
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  3. your ssd will plug into a sata plug unless you pay mega bucks for a pcie one put your os, programs and games on the ssd and store your music, movies and other stuff on a mag hdd drive. pretty much all of them will be compatible, but that board is only sata 3gbps so if you get a quick one it will be slowed down by the interface. personally i like samsung 830's, alot of people also like the ocz vertex 4's too both will be quicker than your sata 2 interface but thats ok, reliability is the issue with ssd's and the sandforce based ones i wouldnt trust with info you dont have backups for, but they are usually very fast
  4. Thank you for your help. No, I was not just thinking the name was a good pick for a motherboard haha. What I did was I found everything that I wanted besides the motherboard, found ones that were compatible with everything i wanted, and narrowed down to 14 choices and picked the cheapest. I will go to the systems section and post everything I have chose so far.
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