PSU Overheat

Hey all,
I started a thread in the CPUs forum about my computer locking up while gaming after changing out the PSU.
I tried playing with my case open and it ran fine for 3 hours. MY PSU is a Tacens Valeo III 500w, more than enough for my system, and the fan on the bottom only turns on wehn needed, and it has a heatsink at the back.
Whit my case open, the PSU fan went on a lot more, and made a LOT less noise, making me think the PSU is overheating.
All other temps never go past 70ºC
I have 2 options in mind:
Drilling holes in the side panel to help vent the PSU.
Will drilling these holes in the side panel help vant the PSU? or is it useless?

(all components are factory default except secondary HDD and graphics card and PSU and fans)
(No overclocking whatsoever)
Forgot system specs:
AMD Athlon 64X2 Live! 4600+ @ 2.41GHz
Nvidia GeForce 9800GT
2GB DDR2 Ram @ 533 (I believe)
1x350GB Seagate HD
1x500GB Seagate HD
1x Fan controller (Aerocool Touch-1000)
1 back 80mm exhaust fan
1 front 80mm intake fan
1 side 120mm intake fan directly above processor heatsink and fan
Tacens Valeo III 500W Modular PSU
Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo P case
And I believe that's about it
Any ideas are greatly appreciated

Things I have tried:
Disabling Cool N' Quiet
Updating drivers
replacing HDDs
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  1. I would RMA the PSU, lockups after the change point to a bad unit. It is possible that it is not even sending the right voltages.
  2. Hmm...
    Well, i tested putting a fan (a bit overkill) behind th ePSU.
    No lockups :D
  3. Ok, here are my options for replacing the PSU:
    Or i can just RMA the current one and risk getting another faulty one :(
    I was looking at the OCZs
    What are the differences between the fatal1ty and modXstream?
  4. improve the ventilation of your casing, or DIY the fan of the psu, disconnect it from the sensor. so that the fan will spin at max whether the system is on idle or load
  5. But the fan is EXTREMELY noisy........
    Will dirlling holes on the side work?
  6. is your psu is bottom or top mounted in the casing?

    make a blow hole on the top of your case and install an 120mm silent fan,make it exhaust, so hot air can goes out easily from the case.
  7. PSU is on top, but i can't fit a 120mm fan on the top.... my case is a Micro-ATX case...
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