i think 9800GT is the top of the nvidia 9 series gaming card which eat a lot of power (115W on reviews)
but i found on newegg that some 9800 GT card don't even need extra power connector
so is there two versions of 9800GT or what does it means??? (i read some are green series of 9800, so plz explain me about that)

and will the performance of that 9800 with extra power connector differ the one without it?
and i read in some review that sound is not sound is not transmitted via hdmi, so it really is?
if u have the link for comparing the different versions of 9800 or other good card, plz drop me a line.

i was thinking to buy two identical graphic cards for 2 identical computers

i can't afford so much (max 90USD for each)

i was initially thinking to get 5670 but it's quite rare below 100.

so i'm now eying on 9800GT.

so which one is better between 9800GT and 5670 or any other cards in price range (mainly for gaming)

thanks a lot

my monitor is 1440 * 900
i3 530, 2gb ddr3, h55 mb
PSU (i don't really understand what it means >>> 14A / 16A (+12V with two descriptions)

plz mention my PSU can handle 9800GT or not?
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  1. There are two versions of the 9800GT. The original version has a power connector and is clocked at 600mhz. The newer one is lower power and has a different PCB without a power connector. It is underclocked slightly at 550mhz.
    Here is an HD5670 for $90 with free shipping and a $15 mail in rebate;
    It is what I would recommend.
    As for your power supply are you saying it has 2 +12v rails at 14 & 16 amps? Tell us the brand and model.
  2. This GTS250 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814261062 is actually the best card in the nvidia 9xxx series and can be had for $75 after MIR. It is recommended to have a psu of 450 watts and minimum 24 amps on the combined +12 volt rails.
  3. i really don't know the brand and model no of my psu but i think it's not a well known brand :(

    yes, it's has 2 +12V rail with 14A and 16 A each

    so, is this one suitable for 9800gt

    and what the difference between low power and original 9800 in terms of performance and power usage
    which one is better between 5670 and new low power 9800?

    thanks for ur reply
  4. It should say the brand/model on the chart where you found the voltage info. Does it say the combined amperage on the rails? Usually the combined amperage will be lower than the individual ratings added together.
    If it is a no name brand I don't know if I would trust it with a card that needs a power connector so stick with the low power 9800GT or HD5670. Of those 2 I would recommend the HD5670. Their performance is the same basically but the HD5670 is newer tech with DX11 compatibility. The card I linked earlier is a good deal.
  5. so which one will be better between 5670 dd5 512mb and 9800gt low power ddr3 512mb in terms of game performance
  6. They should be almost exactly equal. Perhaps the HD5670 would be slightly ahead at this point due to driver improvements as it is a relatively new card. Once again the HD5670 will also give you DX11 compatibility while 9800GT is DX10.
  7. HD 5670 have DX 11.
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