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Hitachi Data Recovery (Broken Board)

I have a Hitachi HDS721064CLA332 640GB with broken Board. It snapped off at the end. Anyways is there a way i can find out if and what models are compatible with this drive for swaping the board? i found one for this drive on ebay but its going to cost me 40.00 in total i want to find a cheaper board. so i came here to ask about compatible boards
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    You might want to try to pm, fzabkar he seems to know a good deal about this type of repair.

    Personally I would consider the drive junk at this point, and send it to a repair center if i needed the data badly enough.
  2. Yeah i dont wanna send off my hard drive, got crap load of nuaghty photos/videos of wife
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  4. For what it's worth most of the places you would send a drive are fully hipa, ferpa, cert.
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