Electrical Power issue

Dear all

i living in area that have harsh electrical power and often got thunderstorm (lighting surge)
my house equiped with good / high quality electrical equipment (cable,mcb,etc) even though it already around 10years old but i think it should have problem

The suggestion i am looking now, to create non-expensive filter for PC and some Home Entertaiment

right now, i already tried to filter my power like this :
Wall Plug -> Surge Protector -> Stavolt/Stabilizer (Standard Quality) -> UPS

1. i am wondering if that good enough to filter the power ?

2. also i am wondering if power loss (+- 7volt) that caused by water-pump when start/sucking
can be issue for electrical component ?

it seems when that happen the stabilizer cant keep the voltage rate.... it also losing some volt, but just 1secs though before it will stabilize the voltage rating back

3. What PSU recommendation that good enough to live in harsh area?
Is Corsair PSU good enough ?

thanks in advance for people willing to spent their time helping with my issue
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  1. Are you experiencing any reboots when the power fluctuates?
    If not, then everything is fine and protected well, from your wall socket to the UPS, you're protecting things 3 folds... so you really have enough to fallback on....

    The new variety of PSUs have a lot of very very sensitive components in them and even a slight fluctuation for an extended period of time will cause a reboot or a shutdown.
    So I really don't see you having the need to change anything or add anything in the current loop unless you need more power for your rig.
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