Reasons not to buy a z68

Is there any reason not to buy a z68 except for cost? I ask because I thought I read a post here a few days ago about some performance loss compared to the p67?
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  1. In one of the latest System Builder stories (probably the $2000), Tom's said that they didn't find a loss of performance.
  2. It depends on the MOBO, configurations, GPUs, etc ->

    The Z68 does a decent job of turning-off shared bandwidth from the discrete and iGPU.
  3. Suggest you read this review. I think it gives compelling reasons not to buy Z68 at this time. I posted my reasons on another thread.
  4. If you are going to be buying a powerful graphics card, and if you are likely to use a decent size SSD for your boot drive, then Z68 is probably not the chipset for you, at least for now.
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