Computer won't post

I had this build and it was running fine but I decided to upgrade the motherboard...

ASUS m4a79xtd Evo Mobo
3.2 Ghz Phenom II quad core
4gb DDR3
320gb HDD
4850 Radeon Ati

I changed the motherboard to the MSi 790FX-GD70

and ever since then my computer won't start up (it starts but the processor fan doesn't spin full speed)
Any theories or things to check for?
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  1. the ram is xms3 DDR3 ram
  2. Most likely DOA. Do you have a speaker hooked up to it? They are cheap and if it is throwing any codes you could troubleshoot from there. If it is not even posting though, most likely time for an RMA.
  3. The Debug screen shows FF. The CPU fan is not spinning as fast as it should. I took everything out and left the cpu and a stick of ram. (anything else I need because I don't get any beeps)
  4. It is likely that your motherboard is earthing somewhere. Make sure all your USB connectors are correctly placed and no USB ports are damaged. Make sure the board is not in direct contact with the case.
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