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Hitachi Data Recovery Snapped board

I have a Hitachi HDS721064CLA332 640GB with broken Board. It snapped off at the end. Anyways is there a way i can find out if and what models are compatible with this drive for swaping the board? i found one for this drive on ebay but its going to cost me 40.00 in total i want to find a cheaper board. so i came here to ask about compatible boards
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  1. With Hitachi drives you need to transfer an 8-pin "NVRAM" chip from patient to donor. An added complication is that under some circumstances, if you attempt a board swap without NVRAM transfer, it is possible to corrupt the NVRAM of your donor PCB, resulting in a dead donor HDD.

    The following supplier includes a free chip transfer if you purchase your board from him:

    Alternatively, if you are not adept at soldering, your local TV/AV repair shop should be able to transfer the chip for you. also offer a firmware transfer service for US$20 if you have purchased your board from a different supplier:

    If you can upload a photo of your board, I will be able to identify the NVRAM chip for you.

    Otherwise, if the damage is to your board's power connector but not to the SATA data connector, then you could hardwire an older 4-pin Molex power connector to the SATA power pins on the PCB.
  2. I can't see the markings, but the 8-pin chip at the bottom right corner of the largest IC looks like it may be the NVRAM. It will probably have a "25F" in its part number.
  3. I see 25F on it, picture just to be sure
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    Yes, that's it.

    LE25FU206, Sanyo, 2Mbit, 256Kx8, 2.3V - 2.6V, serial flash memory:

    Datasheets for HDD memory ICs including EEPROM, EPROM, flash:
  5. Thank you very much fzabkar, you've been really helpful.

    Appreciate your help 100%
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