Will I need 16gb of memory

Im looking at corsair vengeance memory for overclocking for my new gaming rig but ive been asking my self will i ever need the extra memory. I'm going to use an ssd for my system cache drive witch should work like a swap drive incase i dont have enough memory to run a program or game but i havent been sure weather this would work so ive been leaning toward 16gb vs 8gb, besides those extra slots seem like a bit of a waste since i cant upgrade without buying a whole new memory kit. If i dont need this much memory it would be nice to know because 16gb is more than twice as much as 8gb in price.

Note: I wont only be gaming i will also be doing some video encoding and Autocad work
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    Gaming 16GB is not needed --- CAD 16GB is a really good idea --- RAM is cheap and EASY to match NOW but later not so much. IMO - get a 4x4GB kit vs a 2x4GB + 2x4GB kit(s).

    CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 or CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9B the Blue is the same but cheaper; it's a color thing only.
  2. but ive read lots of instances where people have gotten 2 different kits of ram and havent been able to put them all into one system because they ran at slightly different speeds
  3. also im only a minor user of CAD would you still suggest it
  4. RE: "IMO - get a 4x4GB kit vs a 2x4GB + 2x4GB kit(s)" vs means NOT to get 2 different sets.

    What does "minor user of CAD" mean? If you have an LE version and just play then there's no justification for 16GB. If you like to open every App on your PC at once then 16GB is good, or if you can afford it 16GB is okay, otherwise even with the bloatware progression when 16GB is 'needed' it'll be time for a new PC.
  5. thanks for responding so quickly. well cad dosnt put much strain on my computer now so i guess it wont later. also will i be able to send memory back to newegg after using if i dont like it.
  6. Thanks! :)
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