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K, so thx to the help of u guys, I ordered my new PC parts. Should be here within the next 2 days. So, when I build it, do I immediatly load the OS, or motherboard driver or what. Help me here plz. I have no clue what do once its built.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Windows installation will usually have you install the motherboard drivers while its installing the OS, but if you follow tecmo's guide and you shouldnt have any issues
  2. yeah and what i do is right after i boot into windows is download ALL MY DRIVERS FIRST and then furmark, prime 95, and core temp.



    Core temp

    open core temp (to monitor temps when these programs are runing)

    and let prime run for 2 hours (or longer/shorter to make sure your CPU is nice and good)

    and AFTER that run furmark for 30 minutes or so (to test your GPU)

    don't run both at the same time.
    good lucks :D
  3. I generally load system drivers from the motherboard cd, winrar, video drivers, and I'm good to go. If it's a complete new build CoreTemp is a good idea just to make sure the cpu and heatsink are seated properly and running at normal temps.

    As far as testing goes though, I just jump right in and start using it. I don't see the need for Prime95 and FurMark - if something ain't right I'll find out about it soon enough just by doing what I do, rather than sitting around for hours waiting for the stress tests to end.
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