GTX 460 ???'S

The GTX 460 is now available on Newegg, and it ranges from $199 - $239 Canadian, which is pretty reasonably priced.

Does anyone know of an any reviews, or other information on this card available?

I'm looking to get this card over the 470 since it uses less power, and doesn't run as hot, I am primarily video editing with my build, so gaming performance is not really the reason I want to get this card.

None of the specs mention OpenGL 3.2 support, but I'm hoping they just didn't mention it...

One last thing, which brand would you recommend?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. sweet - thanks
  2. i'm sure it support openGL, 4.0 since the gf 100 core does and it's a derivative of it, so unless i'm going insane i wouldn't think they would get ride of that for whatever reason, peronsally i'm a big fan of EVGA, because of there support included software, usually a game, and on most of there products lifetime warranty, but it looks like they only have the reference cooler right now, So if you don't think it would be cool enough for you liking, and you'll see in that review it's well with reasonable temps now, then you could get a gigabyte, or palit card with non reference coolers
  3. Sounds good - I'm going to give it a few days before purchasing - but I'm definitely going to get it - I'm sure it will support OpenGL, I doubt Nvidia would get rid of that in a Fermi card - reading the review right now ;)

    I love the fact that it has an updated video processor capable of bitstreaming Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks from Blu-ray movies. I already have CyberLink’s PowerDVD 10 and it won't be long before they enable that feature.
  4. i'm sure the next offical driver will have it enabled,
  5. Loving the reviews - THANKS - now, to decide on which brand to get...
  6. My rig is built - well 90% done - I still have to hook up the PSU - I'm trying to future proof as much as possible, as I do not know what I will do with this build down the road, and not sure if I will get a 2nd GTX 460 down the line.

    I have the CMPSU-650HX 650W and IF I decide to get antoher GPU down the road, would this be enough to support a 2nd GPU, or would a 750w or 850w PSU be recommended?
  7. I think that for SLI a 750 w PSU would be required.
  8. Cool thanks - that's what I figured, and it's why I haven't opened my current PSU.

    I wish there were more 1GB cards available on - so I could order both at once
  9. i think if you keep overclocks, in line you could get it on a 650, since two cards would be around 300 watts at stock, that would be fine, unless you have like 19 hard drives or something, or a super overclocked cpu
  10. I only have 2 hard drives right now plus 2 external 1tb drives

    1 x25m
    1 Samsung F3 ( considering grabbing a 2nd later )
    2 Western Digital 1TB drives

    The i7 930 will be overclocked to 3.8 - 4.0 GHZ

    Might as well post my build so you get an idea...

    MOBO: P6X58D-E
    CPU: I7-930 will OC to 4.0
    RAM: 6GB OCZ High Performane RAM ( 7-7-7-24 )
    GPU: Will be a GTX 460 1GB
    PSU: CMPSU-650HX 650W
    HS: NH-D14
    HDD: 1 x25-m + 1 Samsung F3 + 2 x 1TB external drives
    CASE: 690 II Advanced
  11. well at 3.8 or 4.0hz, on the i7 you might need the 750 just to be on the salf side because the i7 overclocked that high can draw 200+ watts i believe
  12. evga is the only brand u should be going with.
  13. Yeah - that's what I figured about the 750w - 'cuz I have my rig built, but I haven't unwrapped the PSU, 'cuz I'm just not sure if I will have a 2nd GPU down the road, but if I do decide to go that route, I want to be prepared for it jus in case.

    Yea, EVGA is definitely a brand I'm considering, I'm also liking the MSI design, but neither of them have 1GB cards out yet.
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