What are the equivalents??

So i am planning on building a new system.

intel i5 750 (for gaming, thats what i was told is best)
6gb 1600MHz RAM
850 watt PSU
havn't decided on a motherboard yet.

Anyways, what i am needing help with is this. I was going to get a ATI 1GB 5870 because i simply do not want to throw 600 dollars towards a 5970. I have heard that the NVidio 480 (fermi) is just a mess card (heating a volt usage).

So what i am getting at is, For the price range or 399-499, does NVidia have anything to offer that can outperform the 5870???
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  1. anyone?
  2. I don't think so.
  3. It goes 5858<470<5870<480

    If you get a decent case the heat won't be an issue. 805W should be enough for 480 even in SLI. On the other hand, for $400 you can get SLI 460s which appear to be extremely overclockable. $600 gets you CF 5850s which will outperform any single card and overclocks easy. But yeah, for a single card set up the best is GTX480.

    EDIT: Can I ask which RAM you're getting? 6gb is unusual for dual channel RAM. Since you say you'll be gaming, you won't need more than 4gb for a long time.
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