Can mother board effect the performance? and which one is better?

i have a question that keep bothering me a lot!
can motherboard effect on gaming performance?
and another thing,
im planing to get a good motherboard for HD6950 CF and a INTEL CORE I7 2600K for gaming!
so which one is better?




which mother board better for the following:
which one has better performance?(if thats possible for MOBO's)

the price does not matter
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  1. Those two boards are pretty much equivalent in features and there won't be a big difference in performance. Choose whichever one you want.

    If it was me, I'd go for the ASRock. My own ASRock P67 Pro3 board works flawlessly, so I highly recommend the brand.
  2. so they are both almost the same right?
    cause I'm thinking on the GIGABYTE as a option for my build...
    as for the first build, do u think the GIGABYTE will be enough for me?
  3. I'd actually go for a 2500K for gaming, as no games really use HyperThreading. Put that $100 towards an SSD or something.

    And yes, the UD4 board is a great choice. It should last for quite a few years.
  4. i read the reviews on this board(GIGABYTE) and I decided to go for the Asrock cause on Asrock I can add another video card for future CF ;DDDDDD
    they said on the GIGABYTE mobo,
    "Buying this board is like taking a bet on a casino, either way, you lose!"
    Bro, over 51 people agree with that comment! as for my first build, I make sure everything is 110% working...
  5. The gigabyte can add another vid card as well, not just the asrock. But i've been hearing good things about asrock lately, so i'm sure it will work well for you.

    Get the gigabyte board its 1000X better then an asrock
  7. apache_lives said:

    Get the gigabyte board its 1000X better then an asrock

    how come? the ASRock have better features, one of em is that i can actually put 3 way CF instead of 2...and i heard bad reviews on the GIGABYTE!
    look, gigabyte are awesome about mothersboards! but for this one, the ASRock takes it
  8. Yea that ASRock is a good board, go with it.
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