I would like to see this.

Hi guys, can you imagine the benchmarks made to a supercomputer with this specs.

Core I7 980X
nVidia Quadro FX 6000 in QUAD SLI (Ecach card is 6GBs, each one is $4000)
24 GBs of ram
single 120 GBs Solid State Drive
1200 W Power Supply (Corsair or any other major brand)
Mainboard should be an EVGA QUAD SLI CAPABLE

can you imagine this?
How would be the result in 3d mark?
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  1. Its performance in 3d Mark would be pretty crappy considering its price, the FX6000 has the same core GPU as a GTX 470, 4 GTX480s would out perform it in games easily since the FX 6000 drives are built for workstation apps not for games and similar applications. So unless you are doing 3d design work, that rig wouldnt perform nearly as well as a rig that cost even a fraction as much.
  2. ^exactly.

    Also, you might want to double check the definition of the word "supercomputer". That is not a supercomputer, just a regular computer using the most expensive parts.

    If you wanted to up the anti. Get quad SLI GTX480s, 10 or so SSDs in raid 0 and upgrade that motherboard to a 4p with 6-core Xeons. Benchmarks galore. However, in any practical applications, it would be not at all worth the cost.
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