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Has anyone correctly installed and currently using the EZ Smart Response on a Z68 chipset board that Gigabyte recently released?

I've downloaded and installed the software on my GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 board, however after I launch the .exe file I only see an image of the program on my screen....there are no options to choose from at all. Also, the only way that I can stop the program from running is by terminating it's process from the Windows 7 Task Manager.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hi there,
    Most of the folks here to fore recommend not installing the Gigabyte addons from the CD, since many don't install properly and many are loaded during the startup phase of booting up, even when you don't need them, like Smart 6 and EasyTune.

    That said, if you are determined to install EZ Smart, where you use it only once to configure your system from IDE to RAID mode, might try downloading the latest version from their website.

    Should be helpful to get the experience of other folks with the Z68 chipset mb to see how happy they are installing and using the applet.
  2. BerylLee said:

    The document you're pointing to is an instruction for installing the regular Intel Smart Response technology, which is not only complicated but also requires re-installation of the operating system and applications. The whole purpose of Gigabyte EZ Smart Response is to avoid that problem. So your response is missing the point here.

    By the way, when I tried EZ Smart Response, I had the same thing. It just wouldn't go. The program, once started, hangs at a start image.
  3. I bought Ga-z68xp.ud3-issd and have same problem, thought the problem might be bios version so i updated from F2 To f8 with no progress, so i`m said with GIGABYTE, i think this tecnology of EZ smart response needs to be improved.

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