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I installed a Samsung 830 256GB into my Dell Inspiron 1564 laptop today and I'm a little disappointed by the benchmark results - partcularly the 4k write speeds. I realise this is a SATA II controller so it's going to be bottlenecked, but, judging on the benchmarks I've seen around the web with this SSD on a SATA II controller, I was still expecting better.

I've done everything I can think of, enabled AHCI in BIOS, checked TRIM is enabled, using the latest FW and system BIOS, tried iaStore and msahci. Below are screenshots from AS SSD and CrystaDiskMark.

To be honest the laptop feels much faster than it did with my old 5400rpm drive (but then anything would!), so maybe I'm reading too much into these benchmark results? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Those look okay, although I might give the msahci driver a try instead. While your benchmarks might come up a little, you will not notice any speed difference in use.

    Great drive, just installed one in a build yesterday.
  2. I have found that differnt benchmark programs will give different results. Also it's not a good idea to keep running benchmarks on a SSD.
    When running a benchmark you do have to take into consideration the rest of the computers components because the bencmark program has to use those components along with the SSD to get the results so if your sustem buss is a little slower then your results will be also. Plus it's a laptop and not a desk top so you wil get a slower result.
  3. Yeah you guys are right it's probably the speed of the system overall, and the fact it's a laptop, that is slowing the SSD down - though I was expecting the 4k speeds to be a bit higher based on other benchmarks. Thanks for your help.
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