6ms response time too slow for gaming?

I'm about to invest in a new screen, and I like the look of this.

1920 x 1200
S-IPS Screen
6 ms refresh

I love everything about the monitor, but I'm a bit worried about the 6ms response time. I'm a heavy gamer and I'm wondering whether I'll notice it? Also, is an S-IPS screen worth it?


PS: Sorry for this being in a terrible category, wan't sure where it'd fit best. Please tell me if this'd be better somewhere else :-)
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  1. The screen can only display 60fps, perhaps 75fps maximum like most LCD's.

    You need a 16ms response time or lower to display 60fps so it will be fine.

    Those specs are all lies anyway.

    I have that model and it works fine enough for gaming. I am not the most picky about that sort of thing though.
  2. I disagree 100%; no moniter at this point should be brought unless its measured Response Time is 5ms or better...minimum.

    Remember, Response Time directly affects image lag; the longer it takes pixels to change state (on average), the more streaking/ghosting you get. For example, my Samsung Syncmater T240HD runs at 5ms, but is HORRIFIC with whites, which really shows up in sports games (lots of streaking balls).

    Remember, the listed Response Time is measured using a best case situation, and for parts of the color spectrum, actual performance will be far worse. And given how many <$300 moniters have times measured below 5ms...
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