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3Gb/s Motherboard with 10,000 RPM HDD?

I'm building a computer for my friend from parts bought online and had a question regarding SATA speed. The motherboard I'm looking at supports 3Gb/s SATA, but the HDD I'm looking to get is a 10,000 RPM with a 6Gb/s SATA interface.

I know they are probably compatible, but my question is am i going to get the full 10,000 RPM speed with the 3Gb/s MB, and if not would it be worth it to upgrade to a MB that supports 6Gb/s? Thanks


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  1. The 3Gb/s is not a problem. It will limit the transfer speed only for the 32MB cache. Keep in mind, that this disk is very noise! I changed mine for SSDs.
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    HDD's even the 10,000RPM ones still haven't managed to saturate 3GB/s yet. There shouldn't be any performance decrease.
    Also you dont have to get a new mobo for SATAIII, you can just get a SATAIII - PCI card like this.
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