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hello friends
I have
Intel c2d @2.66ghz
2gb ddr2 @800mhz
asus p5n-mx board
nvidia 9400gt 1 gb :pfff:

I am playing gta4 on above pc and game doesn't look good shadows are fade and car bumpers are looking bad and i cant enjoy athe game.
I know taht my card is crap but i m getting some 20 FPS
on medium and 24-25 on low
Should i change the card.
Which is good option?(Don't suggest 5890,GTx470 n all Icant afford that much.I can spend upto 120 USd)
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    For GTA4 you need a better processor and a much better graphics card. I would a suggest a quadcore running at 3.2GHz minimum and at least a GTX 260 if you'd like to play the game on high (not highest) settings.

    If you're happy to play the game on low settings you need either to overclock your processor up to 3.0GHz and buy a GTS 250, or buy a new processor and again; go with a GTS 250.

    The GTS 250 might be in your price range, but 120USD isn't really a worth upgrading with a lot of the time. If you buy a low end graphics card now, in a years time you'll have the same problems.

    GTA4 is a VERY processor intensive game, so your CPU is more important than the GPU when you're playing on med-high settings. But when you start putting the game up to the highest settings and with a further viewing distance etc.. you need a much better graphics card.

    I play on (unlocked) very highest settings (everything on full including shadows and view distance) at around 40-65 FPS. I have a 720BE tri-core at 3.6GHz and two GTX 260's in SLI.

    GTA4 doesn't officially support SLI and there are only two drivers I've found from NVIDIA that actually use SLI in GTA4 without any issues (many drivers work to some degree, but often give you shadow flickering etc).
  2. I had the same GPU some while back. GTAIV was running with mega lag and low fps. Upgraded to the GTS250 (1 gig) and got a marginal (but not too much) boost. That's when I gave up the idea of boosting my rig just for one game! I've played the following since:
    COD - 4, 5, 6
    Crysis (both)
    Far Cry 2
    Bioshock (1&2)
    Batman AA
    Prince of Persia (2008)
    PoP Forgotten Sands

    I actually forgot about GTAIV after my experience on the above! :)

    A li'l off your query. Just wanted to mention that GTAIV is a heavily CPU oriented programme. Even the high end rig's have difficulty running it on max. Just not worth the investment
  3. have u patched it?
    there are tons of people who got it fixed by patching it.
    no offense to people saying that ur system has gone old or ur gpu is POS but
    according to me you should watch this video the guy has a 9500gt (512mb) but on a
    pentium 4
  4. sorry for double post,

    a friend of mine played it on
    pentium D 3ghz
    2gb Ram
    9500gt 1gb

    and he played gta4 on medium settings with no worries, but the next installment (episode from libertycity) that is lagging
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  6. thanks guys
    i patched it with some patch downloaded from net.
    it doesn't do anything great though.
    I got Forgotten sands yesterday and i am playing it on high.
    Fraps gives some 23-24 Fps but game looks perfectly nice and no stuttering or anything
  7. hey friends ,
    i have a

    c2q @ 2.33ghz , 4 gb ( ddr2 ) ram ,64bit win 7 , 1Gb ddr2 Nvidia 9400 video card ( XFX ).

    FRAPS reports that i get only 7-9 fps whereas a friends of mine with the following rif gets like

    12-13fps ....

    our both settings are on low ... his rig is

    c2d @ 2.80ghz , 4gb ddr2 ram ( 3.25 usable) , 32bit win 7 professional , and a MSI 8400GS video card ......
    could you help me to make gta4 work better ??
  8. buy a better vid card
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