Not able to access files in hard disk


i am not able to access the files on my WD hardisk also all the files show their size as 1 KB
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  1. If in fact all your files show as 1 kb then you have no files just short cuts to someplace and that's what a 1 kb file is a short cut. Unless you have another hard drive or place where files are stored then you have no files on your hard drive. You need to right click on the hard drive in computer and see what space is used and what space is free and what the overall space is to see if there is another partition on the hard drive. You can then go to disk management and see if there are other disks on the computer.
    Right click on computer and select manage , then in the next window select disk management and the next window will be disk management where you can see all the drives that are on the computer.
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