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A friend of mine is upgrading her CPU, and would like some input on what processor she should choose. She has an AM2+ motherboard, and would like to have the option of doing some light overclocking, and would therefore would like a Black Edition Processor from AMD.

She uses Photoshop CS3 and Sony Vegas 9, often running them simultaneously. Would an overclocked 6 core Thuban give a substantial performance increase over the 4-core Deneb, or is the increase not worth the extra ~$100?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. " The Sony Vegas 9.0d workload that we are using takes an input file that is a ~1min59sec, ~370MB 1440x1080 HD video imported from an HD camcorder using Sony Vegas. We then take that file and output it as a Blu-ray disc using Sony Vegas 9.0d. The output is a 1920x1080 60i Blu-ray Disc ISO image. "

    Up to you!

    The Thubans are very efficient and OC like champs. I'll mention that the 1055T also overclocks very well from what I've seen, so even a minor overclock can give you 1090T stock performance or better.
  2. Looks great. Is that chart all at stock speeds?

    Is there anything that shows similar tests on Photoshop?
  3. Please make sure to confirm the X6 is supported by your AM2+ board. Not all of them will support the newer chip, if you go that route. I would go with an X4 955 for the upgrade. I won't spend that money on an older AM2+ board.
  4. +1 to Raidur and techmo. Make sure X6 will work with the board. As a Sony Vagas user, I can tell you core count matters.
  5. Also, make sure that her case has good airflow. I don't know what kind of wattage she is running now, but I have a friend who upgraded from a celeron to a 1055t for blender, and then noticed that his temps were kinda high - needless to say, he didn't have many fans in his case, and they weren't large ones. 125 watts is allot of heat.
  6. ^ Good point.

    @OP: List full specs, esp. the PSU.
  7. 750 watt Antec PSU - don't know the exact model number, is Crossfire ready.
    Athlon II 620 (95w) Stock Speeds - as far as I know
    6 GB DDR2 800 (2x1 + 2x2) in Dual Channel Mode
    Win 7 Home Premium x64
    Asus Radeon 5770

    7 HDDs
    2 ODDs

    If anything, I always thought her PSU was a little too much for what she needed, I doubt there'll be a problem there.

    She's not really concerned about spending money on an older system - once she gets a good software and hardware combination, she'll use it far into obsolescence. She just wants to get the best power she can to run what she needs to, without investing in a whole new system.
  8. ^ Good GPU and PSU. Assuming that board is the rev 3.3, yes it supports AM3 X6 CPUs:

    Download and run CPUZ. It will tell you the revision. If that fails, look at the revision mark on the actual board.
  9. It is the rev. 1.0 - that I know for sure. The Gigabyte website says it will support the x6 with a BIOS update to F8.
  10. ^ Well, if that is the case, go with the X6. But DO update the BIOS before installing the X6.
  11. so update the BIOS with the Athlon II inserted, then swap out the CPUs. Thanks.
  12. I would upgrade the BIOS with your current CPU installed prior to going to the Athlon II or X6. This way you know you have a supported CPU installed for the update.
  13. The Athlon II is the current CPU - I was wondering if I should upgrade her to a Phenom II x4 BE or x6 BE.
  14. Sorry... skipped over the Athlon II X4 620 as current setup. Here are a few comparisons of what you plan to upgrade..
    X4 620 vs X4 965 BE
    X4 620 vs X6 1090T

    They are both nice improvements over the Athlon II X4 620.
  15. I think I'll go with the 1090T - The programs she uses will benefit from having more threads available, and both could reach 4 GHz without much trouble. I think I'll also get her the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ - It seems to be one of the best bang for your buck air coolers around. Thanks everyone for all your help.
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    user 18 said:
    Looks great. Is that chart all at stock speeds?

    Is there anything that shows similar tests on Photoshop?

    Yes they were at stock speeds.

    " To measure performance in Photoshop, we uses Retouch Artists Speed Test. Photoshop was configured as per the included documentation, and we used a SSD for the scratch drive to ensure consistent numbers. "

    And here is an include from benchmark app's website (not the review's) about the benchmark itself.

    " take over hosting of the Adobe Photoshop Speed Test. This Photoshop Speed Test has been become the benchmark for gauging your machine's Photoshop performance "
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