How much bottlenecking will occur with this GPU and CPU?

I am relatively new with building a PC, but I want to get into it so I can make a cool-looking, dependable PC that I can play the games I want with it. I hear that bottlenecking isn't a very good idea to do with GPUs and CPUs, so I wondering how much I would be experiencing with these two.



I already have the GPU (stupid, I know, buying the GPU ahead of most stuff). So I was wondering if I would need to upgrade my CPU at all to get the most out of my GPU. If it won't make that much of a difference, then I can deal with that. I just don't want to hear that I wasted an extra $100 when I could have gotten something cheaper that would have worked just as good. >.<
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    They both seem pretty shouldn't have any major bottlenecking. And, down the road if you want to close that gap even more just OC a bit.

    P.S. I always like to buy the GPU first too. Heh. :na:
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  3. Okay, thanks. I don't know the how to tell, so I figured I'd ask.
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