How can i know the current that intel atom processor needs?

Hello,i m building a PSU. My lecturer asked me to find out the current for intel atom d510 processor. Google is not being my fren now..Help.
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  1. You are building a power supply to power a system running an Atom D510?

    You dont need to know the current it needs, all you really need is a PSU that can output a constant 12V with a few amps of current available, the D510 has a TDP of 13W so you need to have about 2A just for the CPU.
  2. How can i know the current rating for each voltage that the psu can supply? My lecturer asked me to prove it instead of copy blindly from the psu datasheet. Any idea?
  3. Ohms law? If you know whats pulling power from what rail, and what the power consumption of each chunk is, a little P=VI and you have the current ratings needed for each rail, bump them up by about 10% to account for component variance and you should be good.
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