What setting do u recomend for starcraft 2

I want to know what are the max setting i can use on an imac 21,5 inch with:

3.06 ghz intel core 2 duo

4gb 1067 mhz

Nvidia geforce 9400

Please awnser me, i will select the best question.

I know mac sucks at gaming, i will chang eit but at the moment i have to use it, please awnser me.

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  1. Try medium settings and see how it does, the 9400 is pretty weak but might be able to do it, but i expect it to need a combination of medium and low.
  2. mm can u say me what setting to try please??? and i will be using 1920x1080
  3. I'd look into a GPU upgrade.

    Otherwise, some combination of medium and low.
  4. -.- i cant upgrade the gpu... ts an imac.... but i want specific spec... if someone giveme them to me i select as best awnser
  5. I can't give you that. Not only is each system a bit different, but if you're on a mac your performance is going to be worse than an equivalent PC, making a specific spec hard to find. Mess around with them until you find something that works, but I can tell you it won't be anything on high.
  6. We cant tell you exactly which ones because there are many variables involved, but some trial and error can get you to the right settings. Start with medium on everything and if you notice it lags turn down a setting or two to low.
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