Fastest, most reliable hard drive.

I've got a Samsung SSD to run my OS but its just not big enough. I need a hard drive but every time I find good looking one, the reviews have so many bad points such as the drive is failing to spin up etc.

I'm looking for one that's 1TB, 7200RPM, Fast and most importantly, reliable!

Thanks in advanced.

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  1. IMHO, there is no 100% reliable HDD in particular mechanical drives. I've always owned WD drives and in particular the *Black* series drives without issue. I also have WD *Green* drives and thus far no issue.

    If you are indeed looking for speed and reliability (relatively speaking of course) go with the WD *Black*.
  2. I agree with elmo on Western Digital. Their fastest is the Velociraptor
    They have been the standard of hard drive performance for years.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I forgot to mention that i haven't got a very big budget! I have about 60 pounds to spend which is around 100 dollars. Is the Samsung F3 any good?
  4. Samsung is usually a good choice. The reviews on newegg show some DOA's but that happens for all manufacturers. I still like WD a little better but would be happy to use the Samsung if it fit my budget.
  5. I would go with Samsung.
  6. The two drives I recomend are the WD black 1 TB and the Samsung F3 1 TB.
    Between the two slight edge for the samsung F3.
    HOWEVER, seagate bought Samsungs OEM HDD. However, at least for the time being, the Drive is still made at the same plant by the same people.
    Do not recommend The WD green drives.

    Added: while the WD black may be a sata III drive, and the F3 a sata II drive - Do NOT buy they hype. Sata III does NOT boost sustained peformance. Only helps for the Burst speed.
  7. I use Western Digital and Seagate and haven't had a failure in years. If I had to choose, I would get a Western Digital Black. They are fast and reliable.
  8. Agree after looking at prices....
  9. I mean I'd go Samsung
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I've limited my choices down to these two, what do you thinks the best? Don't worry about the price because i would stretch an extra ten pounds for a better drive
  11. Since they're that close go with WD.
  12. Performance wise, very close.
    F3 has the better stats on lower user problems @ newegg.
    Both have a high user review numbers, >2K
    Samsung F3, 1/2 egg only 15% vs WD Black at 21%
    4/5 egg ratings Samsung 97% vs WD black @ 71%
  13. For the tie breaker, WD wins for the 5 year vs 1 year warranty for the Samsung!
  14. Thanks, I'm going Togo with WD just because of the warranty.

    Thanks for everybody's help!
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