Trying to set up dual monitors with 4890

I have 2 4890 xoc's trying to set up dual monitors 22inches can someone help me with set up instructions.
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  1. I dont believe you can use crossfire with multiple monitors for gaming unless the game itself supports multiple monitors.

    if you are asking just for general purposes.. ie desktop web browsing.
    just plug them both into the card.
  2. -Select your Primary Card (Any of the 2)
    -Setup your CF
    -Connect both monitors to the primary card. You can use DVI or HDMI for both. If you use HDMI use ATI provided DVI/HDMI converter. You should have 2 by now. If not call the DiamondMM and they will send you one for free.

    *****Always Take note of your Primary Display*****
    -Games will play only to your designated primary display
    - Audio will play only on your Primary Display(Thru HDMI) if you choose HDMI as your playback
    - Your total Desktop Space will be the combinination of the two(i.e. 1080P + 1080P)
    - It is recommended to have similar display settings (i.e. 1080P , 1080P) on the 2 Display

    Enjoy... 2 Display is no brainer. It should work
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