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I am trying to connect my Dell XPS 8100 desktop to my Insignia NS-L42Q-10A via the HDMI port. I know the HDMI port on my TV works as I've had my Xbox 360 attached to it for a long time. Whether I start the TV up first or the computer up first it doesn't matter, all I get is a blank screen that says No Input. I can attach the TV via VGA cable and that works fine. I've been all over Google and it looks like a few people have had this problem, but so many different things worked for different people with different drivers that I don't even know where to start.

My video card is a Radeon 5770 with Catalyst Control Center.
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  1. I have seen quite a few LCD TVs not "report" their available resolutions to Windows, causing problems at times.

    Control Panel > Adjust Screen Resolution > Advanced settings > Monitor tab > Uncheck "Hide modes this monitor cannot display".

    This "may" open things up abit in communication between your 5770 and LCD tv.
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