NexStar TX 2.5

My computer is saying will not read disk on this computer and worked fine until this morning.
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  1. Usually more information would be helpful , what is your hard drive and what are your system specs. Is this the OS drive or a secondary drive, have you had problems prrior to this event ? How old is the hard drive and have you checked the connections both data and power on the hard drive and the motherboard ?
  2. @inzone, the OP's drive appears to be installed in a USB enclosure.
  3. fzabkar said:
    @inzone, the OP's drive appears to be installed in a USB enclosure.

    You made a post to address my post and offered no help to the OP ???
  4. Sorry, I didn't mean to offend. You had asked for more information and it seemed that it would be best to wait for the OP to respond. I wasn't sure whether I should jump in on this thread until you had a chance to follow it up.

    Otherwise, I would ask the OP whether the drive is visible in Device Manager? Disk Management? My Computer?

    Was it dropped? Does it spin up? Does it make any sound or vibration?

    How do utilities such as UVCView and HD Sentinel see the drive?
  5. The objective here is to help the OP with the issue/question that is posted and anyone can make a post to answer you don't have to wait for anything and it's up to the OP to read the answers and select the one that helps him the most with the issue. Also by not responding the OP leaves the post in an awkward position with people making suggestions and then they start to pile up.
  6. Please clarify:

    Are you booting into Windows or does this error appear on the screen BEFORE you can get to Windows?

    The quick answer is that your HARD DRIVE may be damaged/corrupted but we'd need to open a dialogue to help troubleshoot further.

    How the heck did you come to the conclusion his problem has to do with a USB enclosure based on his first and only post?
  7. I concur with everything you say. I welcome any and all positive contributions. In fact I am a veteran of Usenet newsgroups where these unwritten principles apply.

    However, for the past 3 years I have ventured into web based forums and found them to be a little different in this regard. This forum, like many others, offers inducements and rewards for its contributors, eg points, titles, badges, rank, etc. While I personally consider these frills to be unnecessary annoyances that clutter my forum experience, others appear to view them differently. Therefore I am sometimes a little wary of intruding into a discussion where someone has taken the lead.

    For example, in the following thread the OP's primary helper missed an important detail. Instead of providing a complete answer, I decided it would be better to point out this oversight and allow the other person to collect the credit that he deserved.
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