Artifacts with Sapphire 5850

I bought a Sapphire 5850 1024MB and installed it into my Win7 64 machine no problems. Once I had established the card was OK and running fine I overclocked it using MSI afterburner, and then the problems started. Artifacts galore in 3D mode and no amount of tweaking and driver changes will stop it.

Is my card knackered already? I can't believe just changing the clocks could damage the card (no voltage changes were made)

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  1. I was running it at 770 core and 1100 memory (as I recall). I'm not sure of the temp. I never heard the fan ramp up so I assume it was still quite low. I literally only ran the card for 10mins before I got artifacts. I've tried loads of different drivers but no dice. I think it's toast :pfff:

    It sucks because my trusty 8800GTS has never failed me and it runs +20% clock speed 24/7 for 2 years and no problems. I've never heard of clock settings damaging anything but maybe it is just coincidence.
  2. I'll bear that in mind next time. Thanks for your input :)
  3. By the way, is it possible for them to detect if overclocking has occurred, for instance a flag in flash memory?
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