Can anyone tell me how to straight wire an Acer 4720Z laptop?
Have problem with pc jacks breaking off or something happening to them. i am tired of changing them out and dont know how many more I can do like that since the board is getting a little worn out now, so I would rather straight wire it. I just need to know where to solder them at inside laptpo.
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  1. Honestly, if you're constantly breaking power jack, do you think soldering the power cord straight in is going to help? The same force that breaks the jack is going to yank on the power cord . . .

    First step would be to look inside and see if you are capable of making the solder connection. If you are, then you can plug in (what's left of) the power cord and take a voltage reading across the two points you would solder to. That will identify + and ground. Cut the jack off the power brick and use your mm on those two wires to identify + and ground. Solder like together.
  2. Yes I do think it will help, due to the fact that when(wife or daughter is inserting the power cord) they have a tendancy to twist the cord for some reason or the other.
    Thanx for the input
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