Problem booting up on existing system

890fxa-gd70, amd 1090t, 8gb g skill, sapphire 6850, corsair 750watt

I had this system up n running for a month using a 1tb hdd. I just got a crucial m4 64gb ssd today. I unplugged hdd, plugged in ssd and began to install windows. About 5 min later screen went blank and stayed that way, but everything else was still on. I rebooted, nothing. I unplugged and tried with old hdd onlyand with nothing plugged in, no display. On mobo the led lights up 85 but this code is not in manual. I tried searching and cant find anything, but i am using my iphone. Help please!
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  1. Update:
    This am i tried to boot again and the error codes are gone, the display shows the temperature like normal but no display on the screen. Bad graphics card? But why would it be fine until I installed a new ssd?
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