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Hello All,

I have Pixelview TV Tuner card PV A881 P (ConexantCX23881-39), I have installed the software and drivers that came with the card but everytime I try to scan for the channel the sound mutes and the computer freezes. I have tried different TV Tuner Card softwares (Chris TV Professional) but it keeps freezing. The software I am using now is Honestech TVR 2.5 that came with the card. It never works when I select India which is the country I live in but sometimes with other countries it starts but I dont have any sound, It just gives static. I have connected the audio cable which goes from Audio out of TV Tuner card to Audio In in the sound card. I tried to download and run TunerFix from internet and run it but it gives error that it can run only with SP1. I have also tried to update ATI Radeon drivers but no good. My TV Tuner Card Settings are
Video Capture Device: Conexant 2388x Capture
Playback Device: Realtek Audio Output
Recording Device: Realtek Audio In
Playback: Wave
Recording: Blank
Display card: ATI Radeon HD 3200


Computer: AMD Athlon X2 250 (3.01 Ghz)

Windows: Windows XP SP3.

I am working on this issue for 3 days but no luck. Please help.
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  1. Is the issue so difficult that none of the experts have answered it yet.
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