Best MoBo+CPU+Video card for Photoshop

For fast video editing, without breaking the bank (bucks or my back :-)
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  1. Hello,

    Well without a price and an idea of how much video you are going to edit(home movies, you tube, commercial stuff) Its is quite hard to suggest any type of hardware or if you would like to go with AMD to save a few $ or Intel to get top performance. But anyhow I will take a shot in the dark and make a few recommendations,

    First - I would say if you are not going to wait for the new SandyBridge CPU from Intel in the first few weeks of 2011 go with a i7-930/950 socket 1366 CPU.

    Second - Unless you are going to OC, the motherboard option is really about price/features/brand preference/reliability. I like ASUS and have always used thier Mobos but Gigabyte are also very good boards. I would recommend ASUS Sabertooth X58, ASUS P6X58D-E, or GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R. These are all VERY nice Mobo's are have a great reputation.

    Third - RAM, if you are video editiing 8gb to 12gb is highly recommended. Get as much as your buget will allow, and look for 1333MHz + frequency and the lower CAS timmings the better.

    Forth - Storage, with video editing you'll need ALOT I assume, I like Western Digital and always have used their drives. 10,000 RPM drives are usally too high a price premium to use for mass storage so look for 1.5TB or 2TB 7200 RPM Drives.

    Fifth - Video Card, I like ATI but hey thats just me, this is where you'll have to make a choice on what brand and what will fit into your budget.

    Hope this helps and gives you a good idea on where to start building you new video editing system. Good Luck to ya.
  2. to thechief73,
    Your approach is very logic. It provides me with guidance. CPU is decided. Mobo will follow and from there it is "clear sailing. Thanks very much, Aviniv
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