All Systems Go! $2200 CND thx tom's

Just wanted to post I have built my system and its running great now for about a month! :D 2200$ CND later lol.

I'm glad I got the Antec 1200! it looks cool as well as keeps my system cool!, Not to mention cable management the CorsairTX 850w psu has a lot of cables! all of which are hidden. I am planning on another cold cathode or two, as well as two more 120mm fans, one more for my cpu cooler, and one for the inside hdd cage fan bracket where I will direct more air strait to my dual gtx 480 setup, once I get another 480 that is. :sol:

Antec 1200
Asus P6X58D Premium mobo
i7-930 cpu (no overclock needed)
Coolermaster Hyper 212 plus cpu cooler
G.skill 3x2GB tripple channel ram at 1600mhz
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 64MB cache SATA III 7200rpm hard drive
Sony oem 22$ dvd/cdr burner combo drive
Asus GTX 480 (overclocked once but not needed)

Being a total noob to building a computer other than taking a 2001 Toshiba Satellite laptop apart about 5 times to clean it... This build went without a hitch. I would however have liked to purchase a 1000w psu just incase i wanted 3 way sli/crossfire but I'm sure the 850w corsair will be enough for at least dual sli 480s.. and when mounting the cpu cooler if you plan to redo your thermal compound because you messed it up you have to buy another tube or work with what you got. Limited amount comes with the coolermaster hyper 212 plus. I just gobbed it on there to fill in the cracks of the direct heat pipe bottom of this cooler in hopes of it working as well as used the two line method since the spread is different with this cooler.

idle cpu temps are around 32/34 degrees C about 52 degrees C load, this is while playing Metro 2033 at full settings. (yet to run official tests)
idle gpu temps are usually 40 degrees C 70 max load (metro 2033/crysis confirmed) I use msi afterburner (asus smart doctor is buggy)

Other than that I'm very pleased with the performance and its SUCH! a increase compared to my old laptop.. It's just amazing, boots my PS CS5 extended in about 2 seconds. Extract zip files on the fly while i do whatever and play games without worry of (minimum system requirements) :whistle: I was about to get the 5970 and just decided I'll just spend 484$ on a 480 and get one later on down the road as nvidia drivers are more reliable.

All in all this thing kicks ass! can't wait for more dx11 games :D
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  1. switch the link to and you can view my overclock stats in hd only. sorry n thx
  2. Enjoy :)
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