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SSD For Gaming

I'm planning on getting an 120GB SSD (either Intel 330 or Crucial M4). I was thinking of only installing my games on the SSD as I just want faster load times between maps. I'm quite satisfied with how fast Windows load up.

My question is if by not installing Windows on the SSD, would it effect how fast my games load?
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    I would install Windows on the SSD to get the full benefit of the speed of the SSD , I don't think you'll get the speed increase for the loading of the maps because internet exporer or the browser that you use is in Windows on the hard drive.
  2. Your only going to benifit if you install windows on it along with the games
  3. 128 gig Curcial m4 = 119 Gigs formated - 18 gigs (15% must be unused) = 101 gigs.
    Typical win 7 Instalation is around 30->35 gigs EXCLUDING games. so that leaves approx 66 gigs for games.

    The SSD ONLY speeds up the reading and writing of files that are stored on the drive. So I would recomend the Drive as an OS + Programs + most used games with there maps.
  4. I've noticed that sometimes when I install certain softwares, they like to stay on the same drive as the OS. I can't really think of which software I have noticed this with at the moment.

    Is there a way to disable this? I've been reading this article which demonstrates how to change the default installation folder for programs:
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  6. The best way is to notice when you download or install what the destination drive is and change the drive letter. Then make sure that a shorycut is made for the game or program so that Windows will go right to it. The only game that I've found that can't be changed is Steam. I use a 256 gb SSD for the OS drive so that it doesn't matter where things get installrd an when I want to put something on the other drives I either change the destination or move it later. You can easily make a pictures , videos and music folder on a second drive to keep those there and those files take up a lot if space especialy if you have a lot of them.
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