Win7 won't recognise my external eSATA Drive

I have a gigabyte GA-EX57-ud5 MoBo with the latest BIOS update, win7 updates and with two internal HDD's.

I want to use an external 1T Seagate eSATA drive but try as I might, I just cannot get it to recognise the drive. The drive is in an ICYBOX external housing with USB and eSATA connectors.

The drive is not seen in BIOS, and therefore not detailed in windows Drive Management either.

I have checked the cables, external PSU and they are all okay. The external drive bracket is internally connected to the GSATA connectors.

Bios settings are:

ICH SATA Control Mode= IDE
SATA Port 0-3 Native Mode =Disabled
Onboard SATA/IDE Device = Enabled
Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl= AHCI

On boot up, the BIOS scans the drives but comes up with the message "No drive found".

Here's another thing - the PC doesn't see the drive in USB mode either!

The PC has win XP as a dual boot and the external drive isn't seen in that configuration either.

But if I plug the external drive into an old ASUS P4PE, the drive is instantly recognised via USB. So I know its working okay.
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  1. Set the sata ports 0-3 to enabled and see if USB is enabled.
  2. Thanks Almartin, when I get back home tomorrow evening I will give that a go.

    I have no idea why the MoBo manuals can't be written in plainer English with fuller explanations of what the BIOS setting actually mean. :(

    But I would still like to understand how I can get my eSATA external HDD working.
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