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Blu-ray PC Build ; Intel Core 2 Duo 3Ghz, 2Gb 1066 memory, GeForce GT 240 DDR5, LG GGW H20L, XP PRO 32 BIT -- Playback & Record is fine but can it be improved ? DVD FAB Blu-ray to Blu-ray Is burning everything well . I'm wondering if I can speed up Burning process.. Seeking Experienced & Skilled Advisor .. Help ?
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  1. The burning process relies almost completely on the DVD/Blu-ray burner itself. Only thing you can do is go into the device manager, find the properties of the optical drive and make sure that it's burning speeds are set to the max.
  2. Opened Device Manager- Opened Properties- Found nothing about burning speeds .. My Problem is the reading time invloved w/ Blu- ray reading .. The writing is tolerable .. Thanks . I'm using BD-r 4X 25 Gb. blanks ..
  3. Ah, well then in that case it's probably more to do with your CPU. You might consider overclocking it and timing the results of trying to burn. CPU speeds are important for video encoding, and having only 2 cores doesn't help.
  4. I thinking about upgrading to Intel's Q9650 .. I can't afford a new build .. You have helped .. Now I'm seeking verification of suggestions . Also I need to find source for speed improvements .. ( Time vs Upgrade Cost ) .. Thanks again Wolfman23 .
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