1st Build - Compatability Check and Recommendations Please

Hey Guys,

So I just assembled my first build and was wondering if everything below is compatible. If there's a weak link (maybe the Patriot RAM, Sparkle GTX460) please let me know of a better alternative. I just want to make sure everything works together before I go ahead and order it.

If anyone has any 23" 1920x1080 monitor or cheap gaming keyboard suggestions that would be great too!


Being used mainly for SC2 and other games.
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  1. Everything looks compatible. It might be a little tight only being a mid tower case, but I think it will be fine, especially if you don't plan to much else to the rig. It will probably be best to assemble most of what you can before you put the mobo in the tower. That will make it easier.
  2. Dun worry the GTX 460 is actually a short card @ just 8.25" IIRC
    Perhaps have a look at this 23" $150 free ship
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