Problem with Laptop recognizing new SSD please help

I really could use some help with the install/setup of a replacement drive for my laptop.

Is the SSD compatible with my laptop?
What other issues may I be overlooking?
Could the security from fiberlink be effecting the install through the bios as well?

The Laptop is a HP Compaq 6715b, it was a work computer, I took out the existing hard drive because it had fiberlink security and was not useable. I bought an Intel 330 series SSD 180g to replace it and a system builder windows XP disk for the OS.

So the issue is that I get a Non-System disk or disk error message during the boot process.

What I have done:
I made sure that the boot sequence was correct (cd-rom-then-notebook drive), I also removed network boot up which was giving me a PXe-E6a code(this is now gone.)
I ran the Harddrive test and was a success for quick, comprehensive, and smart. However the test took around 5 hours to perform.
I removed and reseeded the hard drive to make sure it was properly connected.
I cannot find the SSD listed in the Bios, unless it reads "10000", but nothing shows up that reads "Intel HDD or 180G" so I am unsure if it is really registering.
I used another Windows 7 install disk that I have with no valid license to see if that would boot as well, and it did not.

So I need some more diagnostics to try. While I wait for someone to respond I am going to try the following:
Test the new drive on another laptop to see if it is a dead ssd.
Try to locate the latest bios for the laptop, and see if I can flash it from a USB thumb drive.
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  1. It's not only the disk that is protected. This laptop has a TPM Embedded Security Chip and no company would ever sell a laptop without removing data and security from it.
  2. Okay in the BIOS I found a TPM security section. It looks like everything is disabled and unhidden.

    So is this a dead end for reformatting this laptop because of the TPM?

    And is this TPM security the reason I cannot install a new HardDrive? I have the original hardrive, as well as the fiberlink password that goes with it, can I re-install the HDD and remove the encryption from windows or a dos prompt? Could I flash with another bios version?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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