How badly is my Pentium D945 bottlenecking my HD6850?

I plan on getting two 6850s for my future build (i5 760, gigabyte board, 4gb ddr3, etc) but for now I plan on using one of those two 6850s for my old build (D945, gigabyte crap board, 4gb ddr2, 8800gt and etc). How much performance am I losing from pairing the two -- D945 with HD6850?
Playing MW2, StarC2 mostly on 1600x res.

Also, another question is: how much boost am I getting from switching from 8800gt to HD 6850 (with the D945)?
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    A pretty fair amount. The Pentium D was not even a really good chip even when it was new. BUT since you have it as part of an ongoing upgrade I would not worry about it too much. Most people on these forums are in a constant state of upgrade and do the same thing with one part or another. I just added an SSD although I plan a similar build to what you have listed around the holiday sales.

    Edit: A huge boost even with the Pentium D.
  2. If you could, can you give me a figure of how much that boost will be? I get around 50-60 fps on cod mw2 (1200x1024) with my current build. Would I get around 60-70 fps on same res if I upgraded the GPU?

    The reason why I am asking these questions to begin with is because I plan to build that future computer in the months to come. I have to live few more months with my old crappy build. Also, the 6850s are selling at 160,000 won ($170-$180) each right now. They normally sell for 260,000-320,000 won each.
  3. I would really have to guess especially as the 6850 is such a new card. But I would say yes, at least 60-70 fps if not more. The 6850 is basically between a HD5770 and a GTX460 in strength. That is pretty low resolution as well. If the card is on great sale then get it. It sure will not hurt!
  4. Thank you for your input. Board closed!!!
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  6. If the your current FPS is CPU limited at all you will not see a gain.
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