Samsung 830 256GB Performance drop

So I got my SSD in August and sequential read and write speeds were 517MB/s and 417MB/s respectively. The Random read and writes were 63098IOPS and 22991 IOPS and now the sequential read is down to 323MB/s write 318MB/s Random write 6122 IOPS and read 14103 IOPS.
What is most probably the reason for this?
Is it normal for performance to drop so rapidly?
Just looking into reasons for this.
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  1. it seems like EVERY samsung 830 goes through this phase when you first get it.

    I just kept sending deletes to the recycle bin and letting the thing sit for a while until TRIM got around to garbage collecting.

    things improved with the latest revision of magician. mine says ver 3.2

    My original problem was that I never sent anything to recycle, so the thing never got the message to TRIM. Send and delete every day for a while. Let it sit on its own to garbage collect. I THINK this is the case. Maybe it was just the magician needed worked on, and they finally updated the thing.

    Yep. Those numbers look typical.

    Let us know if your problem was solved by deleting and sitting (w/o AV) or whether the magician update fixed it.

    OK ---> Which version of magician do you currently have?
  2. I just upgraded to 3.2 magician a min ago.

    Should i run another performance optimization?
  3. Perfectjake said:
    I just upgraded to 3.2 magician a min ago.

    Should i run another performance optimization?

    I would run another performance optimization in order to see if that fixes the problem.

    If not, then I would turn off AV, all background processes (i.e., downloading music in background), check task manager's resource monitor to see that thing is left alone (disk drive), and go to the movies. Come back after couple hours and do another test. Or maybe do this the next day. Keep sending things to recycle bin and keep deleting bin. --- if the new version of magician doesn't help.

    Post results here (this seems to be ongoing problem).
  4. I don't understand what you mean about the recycle bin and the TRIP. Please could you elaborate more on what you mean? :)

  5. Trim, Not Trip.
    This is a cmd that windows sends to an SSD. It is used in conjunction with the internal garbage collector to keep the SSD performance up to spec. When you empty the recycle bin, the trim command is sent. Don't empty, no trim cmd.

    See, for TRIM cmd:
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