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Hi, I have a Cooler Master storm scout case with 3 fans. Red LED 140mm at the front, red LED 120mm at the back and a black 140mm at the top. I really like the red theme and I wanted to replace the top fan with a red LED 140mm fan, the problem is that I have no idea how to connect it to the LED button, when pressed, front and rear fan lights turn on/off and I need help connecting the new red LED fan to that switch.

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  1. Where is the switch? Is it not just a fan controller?
  2. I have the same case and looked at connecting the fans to my mobo headers.
    What I have found is that the fans are connected by 4-pin molex connecters and the led's are connectected with seperate 3-pin fan style connecters.
    To install an after market led fan to the top, you would have to splice the power connecters into the appropriate power leads. (Not a real simple task)
    I have checked CM's site and they don't list a 140mm red led fan in their products.
    You might be able to get the same fan as on the front of the case by contacting CM cust. support.
    Nice idea, and good luck.
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