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I'm stuck with an AGP system, not really in a position to upgrade to PCI-e right now (even though I really really want to). My system came with a 7600GS AGP card that's balls out awesome but something went wrong and it cooked itself a little (ran at 100C for awhile) so it has some serious issues. I need a new card. Purchased a Sapphire HD3650 that ended up being incompatible with my system for some retarded reason.

So does anyone know if there are any worthwhile AGP cards left? I'd like to stick with Nvidia because ATI has been a lot of trouble for me over the years. Suggestions? Thanks.
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  1. newegg shows 14 AGP video cards. Unfortunately, the most advanced one use only a 6200.

    shows a 7300GT.
  2. ebay is probably your best bet.
  3. Alright, so I've got an Axle3D Geforce 7600GS and Radeon X850 Pro, any thoughts between the two? The X850 is a good deal cheaper.
  4. Well you can do better if you want to go ATI, instead of that X850.

    From Wiki

    "As of 2009, AGP cards from Nvidia have a ceiling of the GeForce 7 Series. As of 2009, DirectX 10-capable AGP cards from ATI include the Radeon HD 2400, 2600, 3650, and 3850 and the Radeon HD 4650, 4670."

    If you still have AGP, it looks like ATI is the way to go if you absolutely MUST use AGP.

    I think your best solution would be to figure out why the card you purchased is not working with your system now.

    Did you run driver sweeper and delete all of the Nvidia drivers before installation?
  5. Yes I used driver sweeper. It didn't always work though, certain files I would delete would just reappear as soon as I deleted them. Driver installs seemed to work fine regardless. The Omega drivers and AMD's agp hotfix drivers were the only ones that didn't result in system instability. Even then atitool would only report core and mem speed as "#J". On top of all this I would almost always to have to reseat the card if I rebooted the computer, otherwise it wouldn't post.

    I had the first card RMAed only to discover that the second card did the exact same thing. I found a small number of reviewers on Newegg that had the exact same problem and also never managed to get it to work.
  6. Also, I'm planning on going with the X850 Pro because its a good deal cheaper and with only a 2.2Ghz Athlon XP I think the 4670 would bottleneck on my processor.
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