What is the best design for a file server

i just want to ask ..

what will be the best design for a file server..

for atleast 100 workstations..

i needed the best harddrive that you think for good storage space, access speed, recoverability, ease of administration, security, and budget..

advanced thank you for your help..
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  1. Weatern Digital makes some of the best hard drives and they have ones that are specicly for raid arrays and others that are good for eberyday use. Mostlikely you want a 64 mb cache drive. It will depend on what size your looking for, 2 tb or 3 tb.


  2. thank you for your reply sir..

    i really appreciate your help.. :)
  3. can i ask you one more question.?

    i dont know what hub will i use.?

    does it affect the speed of data transferring.?
  4. HP and Dell make good servers, what is your budget?
    Do you have a router already for internet? If so that may influence your choice of "hubs". I recommend gigabit switches between your workstations and router. There are lots of choices but Cisco is great.
  5. and also .. what specs of the RAM is needed?

    for better compatability
  6. uhm.. im just asking for a school requirement..

    we are ask to build a file server.. that has the best design..

    we must consider the storage space, access speed, recoverabilty, ease of administration, security, and budget..

    Im a beginner in computer hardware.. so i dont know what brand or what is the best choice for building it..

    so can you please tell me..

    what do you think is the best but for the cheapest price.?

    or if i may ask.. if your are ask to build a file server..

    what brand or hardwares and software that will be needed to build a good file server?

    i will really appreciate your help sir..

    advance thank you..
  7. The choice of ram does not have compatability issues just as long as it's DDR3.
    The hard drives I linked before come with software that is a must have for a file srver setup and will add to the security and operation of the server. The cpu should be a Xeon cpu and the model will depend on the budget. For internet connectivity in a server I would go with;


    You also may want to setup a raid array for the hard drives and need a controller card.

  8. ah i see.. thank you for your help.. :)
  9. inzone, that's an awesome rig you have! Must have been fun putting it together...
  10. On the processor.. does any brand of xeon processor will do.? doesnt it will have compatibility issues?
  11. You have to match the processor and ram with the motherboard. Here's a comparison
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